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We have a great track record in helping companies accelerate growth, and IBG’s 4 divisions target support where you need it most. Because in this time of crisis your business needs to adapt to survive.

We can provide outstanding marketing expertise on demand, a ground-breaking sales process proven to turbo-charge growth, unique data-driven knowledge about the root causes of buying and virtual testing labs to pilot test your campaigns.

You can work with us long term or call us in for a short-term burst of brilliance when you need it most. See what our clients say in this video >>>

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About Us

Our Mission

We help B2B companies achieve accelerated and sustainable growth through proven sales and marketing strategies and science-backed research.

Our vision

To enable our clients to gain competitive advantage through our practical and innovative services and solutions. Because it’s more important than ever.

At a time like this you don’t want false promises.  You want people to do what they say they are going to do. IBG have the proven experience, skills and tools that have brought success to many, many organisations:

  • Increased value from £15m to £45m = 300% in 9 months – Bounty
  • Increase sales by £3.5m in 12 months – Dataforce
  • Increased sales by £2m within 9 months – Eclipse Group
  • From start-up to £2.5m in 2 years – eNiklas
Why Choose Us

Our Track Record

If you want to go somewhere fast, go it alone. If you want to go further, build the right team.

Every company has potential, but not many reach it.

IBG have a track record of helping companies go ‘further’. Growth is about having a clear strategy and fine tuning your activity so that you work smarter, with clearly defined goals. Ensuring you have access to all the sales and marketing expertise to create a demand for your products and services in a difficult market and crucially, convert these opportunities

Tim Bond, Network Sunday

“IBG helped me to 200% year-on-year growth.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

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