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2020 video marketing statistics reveal that:

  • a website with video is 52 times more likely to reach the first page of Google.
  • including a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • • 25% of companies now produce videos every week.
  • 97% of marketers say video has helped users get a better understanding of their products and services.
  • 52% of marketers say video is the content with the best return on investment.
  • adding video to your emails can increase click-thru rates by 300%.
  • on average, people spend 2.6 times longer on pages with video.
  • • 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text.

Video is one of the most valuable tools in your sales and marketing armoury, especially with Covid-19 substantially reducing face-to-face sales meetings.

With video content on your website you can improve rankings, increase stickability and accelerate sales.

Regular video postings on social media increase brand exposure and enable you to carefully target potential customers.

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We have many ways to enhance your business with video

Video case studies and testimonials

Your most powerful marketing tool is a video of delighted clients extoling the benefits of your products and services. We help identify the best clients in your most lucrative sectors and ensure they deliver glowing testimonials on camera.

Video newsletters

Punchy video news programmes showcasing your latest achievements and produced to the same standard as national TV news programmes. They can increase email click-thru rates by up to 300% and maximise your exposure on social media. We can also help you create an impressive corporate news channel on YouTube.

New product launch / product demo videos

We’ll write the script and film your product at incredibly low cost. Product videos on your e-commerce site can significantly boost conversion rates.

Video email signatures and LinkedIn profiles

Get ahead of the game with an innovative way to introduce yourself: a 60-second video profile.

Video sales training

Rapidly train your salesforce on a new product or service, wherever they are located.

Events, conferences and shows

We have a great reputation for filming conferences and events worldwide and either livestreaming or creating edited highlights packages.

Find out more: download our full services pdf here.

Premium services

The latest video technologies for a game-changing boost to your sales and marketing:

Personalised videos

Videos integrated with your customer database so your client’s name appears throughout. We can even base the video content on their previous purchases.


Your customers and prospects can instantly skip to the products and services that interest them most, with integrated “click here to buy now” buttons.

Why we’re so effective

At IBG Digital we’ve been producing videos for over 30 years across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. This immense experience allows us to offer unique, creative and flexible video production services worldwide to suit any budget.

With studio, on-location and Zoom/Skype filming as well as animation, graphics and a huge library of stock footage, we can provide the best possible treatment for every project.

Call us today to find out how video can transform your sales and marketing.

IBG Digital – passionate about video production and often first to market with whatever’s new in the video world.


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