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Achieving revenue targets is the top challenge facing sales directors today. In order to meet these targets, they need to have a deep understanding of their market, customers and prospects. Using data to understand how their best customers behave, what they buy and why, can really help sales generate new business by applying similar approaches to prospects which look like those customers.

Forecasting is another challenge facing sales directors. They need to be able to be confident of their team´s ability to understand where they actually are in the buying process and the real likelihood of closing the deal and associated reliable timeframe. Ways of overcoming these challenges is ensuring you have a sales engagement process based on the prospect´s buying cycle and not your internal one. Ensuring that key questions have been asked and signs of verification to those answers is very key. Once again, use of data and insight can also determine a much more reliable and robust forecast by sales person.

Virtual selling is a new trend that is challenging sales directors. With more and more buyers moving online, sales directors need to find new ways to reach them. They also need to be able to sell effectively through digital channels and seek to make the experiences engaging, relevant, educational and valuable.

Developing new strategies to increase sales is a continuous challenge for sales directors. They need to keep up with the latest trends and find new ways to reach their customers. Approaches such as Account Based Marketing and Thought Leadership programmes are ways to generate sales leads and relationships with Senior Decision-Makers.

Working with Marketing as a team is critical now for success. Marketing will help create the Thought Leadership content and positioning based on the pains or challenges of personas identified as targets. This should be a dual effort with sales as the sales team has direct knowledge of much of this (or can find that information). In return, marketing that help the buyer through the early phases of sales and online research with targeted, relevant, engaging  content giving the buyers what they need to then wish to engage with sales.

Sales directors have a lot on their plate. But by understanding the challenges they face, they can develop strategies to overcome them. Stay tuned for tips on how to overcome the top sales challenges.

The top five challenges facing sales directors today are Achieving Revenue Targets, Forecasting, Virtual Selling, Developing New Strategies to Increase Sales, and Working with Marketing as a Joint Team. What challenges are you facing?

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