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SEO is the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Scratch that. Of any online marketing. So, what is it and

how do you make it work for you?

Essentially, SEO is how you optimise your website to be found on search engines, we usually refer to google as being the authority but in truth keywords are important for every search engine and social media site. There are a number of elements which influence how your website ranks and more importantly where it ranks. The use of very targeted keywords, whether they are short one word keywords or long tail keywords which are more specific and more phrase-like, as well as where the words are used are important.


To guide you through the minefield, here are 3 top SEO tips:


  1. Keywords – if you are not sure which keywords to use, think about what your customer would look for. Make use of free tools such a Google keyword planner (www.adwords.google.com/keywordplanner) to understand the number of searches for certain keywords, i.e. which are popular searches. Semrush (www.semrush.com) is also a great tool to have a quick peek to see which keywords your competitors are using. This is limited in functionality on the free version but provides great insight.


  1. Placement – try to place your keyword as close to the start of any content as possible, usually the title. Also use your keywords throughout the content as naturally as possible-the ultimate aim is still to provide great content to the reader so don’t jeopardise this by using the keywords too much. Add your keywords to alt tags as well as tags for your pages and posts behind the scenes. Yoast (https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/) is a useful optimisation took for any of you using WordPress websites.


  1. Links – linking from within your website and, more powerfully, outside of your website using links on your keywords (hyperlinks) has a powerful effect on your search engine ranking. The more natural links you have, the better. Google will know if you have paid for links and will penalise for this as much a using poor quality links which are often found in link farms. Make sure that your links are built through great content filtering out through the web only.


Your challenge? Use these tips and overhaul your optimisation on at least the next blog post you out up. Good quality optimisation is the start of a sustainable and powerful online marketing strategy so make sure you give it some thought and planning when adding new content.


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