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After brain-draining meetings, heart-pumping negotiations and energy-zapping contracts, nothing beats the euphoria of finally closing a business deal. As sales and marketing companies search for leads, submit proposals to clients and present to potential partners, the sweetest

Researching on the stages of sales cycle would yield multitudes of resources with various middle and endgame. One thing is for sure though, it would always start with prospecting and lead generation. The usual stakeholders? The marketing

Effective outbound and inbound lead generation Cold calling and telemarketing just don’t work any more, so it’s up to your business to start using the latest B2B sales strategies that are making money. Lead generation is evidently

A recent addition to the urban dictionary is the term “seenzoned”. It is when you send someone a message and you know it has been “seen” but you get no response. I might define it as being

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