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Researching on the stages of sales cycle would yield multitudes of resources with various middle and endgame. One thing is for sure though, it would always start with prospecting and lead generation. The usual stakeholders? The marketing team.

Lead generation can be tedious, shady, aimless or even dangerous when done by unscrupulous personalities and companies without the proper tools and methods. An unideal parallelism is that of trailblazing or hunting, with hungry warriors exploring the consumer jungle hoping that the right prey would fall for the bait or get captured helplessly. Sadly, this scenario has happened one too many times- in some cases even resulting to lawsuits or company closure.

That is why legitimate companies make sure that they consider marketing and sales a complex science. It is a delicate interplay and balance of research, statistics, psychology coupled with hard work and a tinge of sheer luck. Before the age of technology and the rise of lead generation companies, businesses have learned the value of being at the right place at the right time to get the right people. Prospecting has evolved from mere printed words in newspapers to posters and billboards. With the introduction of more complex machines, marketers have discovered the importance of engaging the other senses as well. The powers of audio and video messages were used as telegraphs, radio and television took the stage. When passive exposure was no longer enough, door-to-door sales and call centres were employed to personally engage potential clients. However, with red flags on costs, security and convenience raised, these methods reached a plateau then eventually were deemed ineffective. It is in this point that the idea of a lead generation business model was developed.

In a highly competitive world, companies who realise the value of lead management responded with either of these two bold moves – to create their own team who would focus in finding high potential consumers or to hire lead generation companies with a sophisticated lead generation business model. Although there are still many who yield results with the traditionally trusted in-house marketing, some are wiser enough to take the increasingly popular route of engaging experts following a strategic lead generation business model.

Lead generation companies use various modes to reach the ultimate goal of their clients – to find people who will fit their client profile and would possibly benefit from the services and solutions their company is offering. Leads may be gathered through review sites, landing pages, online tools or resource sites. They may harness the powers of content and search engine optimisation (SEO) while providing engaging and worthwhile content. A lead generation business model aims to increase a business client’s visibility and believability so that intelligent consumers may be drawn to give information and even share their pain points which a business may be able to address. Leads are pooled and filtered with meticulous and focused inquisition through e-mails, blogs, websites, advertisement or social media. Once qualities of leads have been checked and hot pursuits are identified, these are turned over to the business clients’ sales team for the completion of the cycle.

Forrester Research, in an article published by Forbes, coined the term “Generation C”. This is our era, when all the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millenials converge and become C, for connected. Technology has created a global village and businesses – no matter how big or small – should sink or swim. Lead generation companies have boomed for a reason. When time, resources and quality is of the essence, do not take chances. Stay ahead of the game with the experts.

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