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Every day, people google how to improve sales performance of a company and surprisingly enough, outsourcing sales and marketing is more often than not excluded in the top lists. Coincidentally, almost always on those lists is SELECTION or finding and hiring the right talent.  What’s surprising is that people don’t always equate finding the right talent with outsourcing the right sales and marketing team.   What else could top an outsourced sales and marketing team whose only focus is to get you good business? Here are some benefits that will convince anybody who is thinking about how to improve sales performance of their company rapidly and cost-effectively.

Reduced Time to Market – Outsourcing sales and marketing allows you to get a sales and marketing team up and running in a matter of days, significantly faster than building a team from the ground up.  Speed of response is seen as a primary reason to opt for outsourcing.

Reduced Fixed Costs – Outsourcing allows you to realise significant cost savings by reducing fixed overhead expenses on maintaining permanent employees and eliminating fees (and not to mention the time and energy) associated with recruiting.

Fresh point of view – It is easy to be stuck in a rut when you’re dealing with the same thing every day. Outsourcing means gaining access to different perspectives from external partners that can make a dramatic impact on moving things forward. Different approaches on how to improve sales performance from different expert points of view will always yield to more ideas and better results.

Better Focus, Dedicated Approach – Business managers are often impelled to act as managers, salespeople, and service providers all at the same time. Outsourcing means our experts are entirely focused on getting you more business so you can concentrate on your own core business.

Flexibility – Whether expanding your current accounts or generating new business, whether dealing with the sales of a certain product or handling your entire sales department, whether short-term or long-term, outsourcing companies can create a custom solution to fit your needs and budget. Furthermore, unpredictable business environments emphasise the need to turn sales resource on and off quickly.


Let IBG demonstrate our clear focus on the art and science of Sales and Marketing. This focus allows you to yield better results faster, for less money, and with less risk than you would otherwise be able to achieve with an in-house approach. Let us do the job that we’re good at.  So you can focus 100% of your time and energy on what you’re good at.

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