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Jack and Adam are both struggling with each of their businesses due to high cost of sales, poor lead generation, and little ROI from marketing.

There are good days and bad days but lately, there are more bad days than they care to admit. Their businesses are not growing at all according to their companies’ goals and objectives.

Jack, being the conservative that he is, went down the traditional route. He turned to TV and print advertisements and took out his directory pages and started calling people.

Adam, on the other hand, learned from a trusted friend about IBG World, one of the up and coming lead generation companies in the UK. He decided to listen to his friend’s rousing recommendation on IBG’s Lead Generation Programme.

He learned that the Intelligent Lead Generation Programme has the following benefits:

Dramatic Response Rate – The programme generates senior level leads using a process and platform that delivers over 12 times the response compared to any other form of marketing.

Guaranteed Results – IBG is one of the very few lead generation companies that generate sales leads and appointments on a guaranteed basis designed and delivered to meet your specific business needs.

Targeted Approach – Their intelligent approach uses personalised and customised communication with highly-targeted companies which result in more quality sales leads, qualified appointments and market awareness. They provide data according to your target market – target sectors, target company size, target job titles, etc.

Reduced Costs – A lead generation business model allows you to realise significant cost savings by reducing expenses and eliminating fees, time, and efforts associated with other expensive marketing strategies.

Comprehensive Service – The whole process will be done for you – from target market research and writing of messaging to inbox and calendar management. All you need to do is make the calls that are already set in your diary.

And so that’s what he did. The results were immediate and astonishing. Within several months, IBG has generated hundreds of leads for his company and he even had to expand his sales team just to keep up with the qualified appointments.

Jack, on the other hand, is still in the same place 12 months later. Then he did the one thing he should have done in the first place – he decided to give the lead generation companies a chance and called up IBG World for a free consultation and the rest, they say, is history.

Are you:

  • Looking for high-quality leads with senior decision-makers and in your target market?
  • Entering a new market, geography, or industry segment?
  • Launching a new company, division, service, or product?
  • A start-up company that needs a little push towards the big league?

Then what your business needs right now is an effective lead generation business model such as IBG’s Intelligent Lead Generation Programme that offers guaranteed results.

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