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Did you know that businesses who have blogs get 62% more leads than those who don’t? People always search online on how to improve sales performance, sales management trainings on how to get more leads, etc. And

Lesley Hussell 18 September 2017 0 Comments

How much does each new client cost you? It can cost a fortune to bring in new business: three to four times more to win a customer than to keep one. The amount you are paying OUT,

It is no surprise that with the volatility of markets and the complexity of consumers and customers, companies across industries are in continuous search for more aggressive and accelerated business growth systems. Strategies on lean management, review

What is your product or service worth? Whenever we ask that question we get a multitude of answers. Some clients say, “We sell products priced from £500 to £10,000.” Some say, “Well, the company has been valued