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Lesley Hussell 18 September 2017 0 Comments

How much does each new client cost you?

It can cost a fortune to bring in new business: three to four times more to win a customer than to keep one. The amount you are paying OUT, long before they start paying YOU, can be frightening.

Whether it’s £1.50 on Google pay-per-click or £10,000 on glossy brochures, you need to make sure every penny counts.

So every client you have painstakingly attracted needs to be nurtured, loved and pampered, right? Wrong! Take a good look at your books and you’ll find a roster of unprofitable, C-List clients who are more trouble than they’re worth.

(The clients who always have a niggle, who take up too much of your time … who always have to be chased for payment. You know who they are.)


Your focused approach to winning business

You need a focused approach to winning business and identifying your best clients.

Here’s how to do it:

Challenge 1: Too many unprofitable clients

Answer: Increase your charges and cull unprofitable clients who don’t accept the increase. Just make sure you prove the added-value you give

Challenge 2: Service and support not aligned to sales

Answer:  Customer retention is king. After sales service and support must be client focused

Challenge 3: Scattergun approach to prospecting

Answer: Focus on clients you want and those most likely to want you

Challenge 4: Value Proposition not established

Answer: Establish the value you can deliver to your prospect or target

Challenge 5: Poor sales capability

Answer: Ensure your sales-facing people understand the value concept and can create and communicate this to clients and prospects

Challenge 6: Marketing not linked to sales

Answer: Marketing must be aligned to your sales goals and efforts


What are the benefits of this technique?

  • Better service to existing clients and ability to gain new profitable clients without increasing costs
  • Scale your business up on retaining clients plus adding new ones
  • Increases likelihood of sale. Minimises marketing costs. Cuts wasted effort
  • Sales-facing people will be seen as business partners not just suppliers

Establishing value in the eyes of your prospect or client significantly helps the sales process and increases or maintains margins. It also differentiates you as a business.

“Golden nuggets” like this can shift your whole business mindset. If it’s time you gave your organisation the best possible chance of maximising value, give us a call today at  +44 (0) 203 368 6606 or drop us an email at